Bonus Handel for Friday

After I mentioned “bella sorge la speranza” yesterday, Thadieu kindly sent me a performance of the opera it’s from, Arianna in Creta HWV 32. (It’s a radio broadcast from London in 2009, with the Academy of Ancient Music; she wrote about it here.)

The aria is part of the final scene of the opera. Here’s a short clip from that performance, with Miah Persson as Arianna and Kristina Hammarström as Teseo. They sing a duet, “mira adesso questo seno,” there’s a brief section of recitative and then Teseo has the “bella sorge” aria and then the aria is recapped as a chorus at the end.

Warning: it WILL get stuck in your head. Do not fight the Handel.

7 thoughts on “Bonus Handel for Friday

            1. Don’t knock the Tesco, he’s reliable and open early on Sunday morning. Haven’t heard Bella sorge la speranza in ages, but it made me smile and sway back and forth! (well, sideways)


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