Sunday Bootleg: Strauss Edition

Remember there was that concert from Italy last fall of Röschmann singing Strauss’s Four Last Songs? It was broadcast over the radio, but the stream did not work very well and I didn’t get to hear it properly then. Bits of the concert turned up on YouTube, recorded with someone’s phone, but it seems they had their phone on “add unpleasant metallic edge to all human voice sounds” setting, so that was a disappointment.

This version, not recorded with a phone, sounds substantially better.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Bootleg: Strauss Edition

    1. It brightened my day too – I was listening to it while cooking and nearly burned an onion because I wanted to hear the end of one of the songs before dashing back into the kitchen!


  1. I think I’ll be listening to Frau R in this performance more often than to the 2011 CD (which I do still like, of course). This performance sounds more fluid to me and more vocally beautiful. I hear a greater range of vocal colours than I can on the CD, for instance, and her high notes just soar over the orchestra. I suppose this could just be down to the different recording techniques but DR does seem to be one of those rare musicians who finds more to express in a piece or role the more often she sings it, don’t you think? And I’d love to know what she and Sir Tony P are smiling and talking about at the beginning of the applause…


    1. I agree – I like this one better too. With this performance the way the phrases are shaped seems more certain. It reminded me of hearing her sing “porgi, amor” live last May, after hearing only recordings that were made a few years previous; you could hear how the interpretation had deepened.

      My skill at lip reading is limited, and this is based on the assumption that they’re speaking in English, but I think she says “thank you” at one point – maybe it was mutual compliments on the performance?


      1. I think I hear her saying “I know”, then “mumble mumble” just before she turns to shake the hand of the concertmaster. It just made me wonder what it was that he said eg. “I was enjoying things so much that I totally lost my place after bar 43 of Abendrot so I just followed you and found my way back in”.


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