Music for Staring off into Space

I have a slightly terrifying work deadline on the first of March, which means that lately I am often in my office later into the evening than I should be. This is not always as productive as it seems. After a certain point, one stops writing and starts watching YouTube clips of La Clemenza di Tito. It is probably unnecessary to indicate which performance. Actually, it’s probably unnecessary even to post the video. We all know which one it is.

But in the interest of variety and also in the interest of not thinking about the Glorious Revolution for a few minutes, I decided to try something new. Here is Lucia Popp singing Vitellia’s last aria:

There’s a lovely lyric smoothness to this. Kind of just floats along. It’s gentle. Not necessarily what one is used to, but nice all the same.

2 thoughts on “Music for Staring off into Space

  1. I like Lucia Popp singing this, too. Interestingly, your segue from Frau R to Frau P called to mind some reviews I’ve read online in which the reviewers likened their voices. I can’t say I hear much similarity. Do you?


    1. The style of singing is so different! It’s not a comparison that would have leapt to my mind either. (Maybe it’s a kind of shorthand – most everyone agrees that Popp had a beautiful shimmery elegant voice, and if you want to pay that compliment to someone else, it’s easier to just say that that second singer sounds like Popp?)


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