It has just been brought to my attention that there is a major sporting event scheduled to take place in Jersey the weekend I plan to go to New York and hear some Handel. Now I am terrified that somehow the sporting event will interfere with me getting to the concert.

(I have a deep personal animus against American football because when I was a child it was always preempting things on TV that I wanted to see. And also it’s boring. At least with opera the action doesn’t stop every 2 seconds so the participants can mill around and chew gum and grunt for 15 minutes before beginning again. Those countdown clocks they display on the screen during games? I learned very young that they are the most horrible and cruel sort of lie.)

5 thoughts on “Crap

  1. Football – rugby reinvented by Frederick Taylor.

    And thus the ideal game for the American university. It leaves nothing to the imagination of the player requiring merely that he blindly follow instructions from the coach.


    1. True – that’s another complaint about football to add to the list: not only does it cause students to miss class on Fridays and occasionally break things, but it also undermines the mission of the university on a philosophical level.


      1. It is boring. I can confirm this from being at the 2012 Seahawks home opener against Dallas. They designed the clamshell stadium to be ueber-loud in hopes that people won’t notice how boring it is. (Success!) But there were two Irish guys arguing American politics in the row in front of us for the whole 2nd half. That was fun.

        And it does undermine the mission of the university, on every level, and soooo don’t get me started on egregious SUNYA mismanagement on that score. I wouldn’t piss on their new football stadium if it was on fire, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t if it weren’t.


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