In which we paint with all the colors of the wind

Just finished watching the Disney movie about Pocahontas. (We’re going to have a class discussion about the ways this story has been told and for what purposes, so I’m making some video clips. I’d never actually seen it before – I had to memorize the Spanish version of one of the songs in high school Spanish class, but that was all.) Like all Disney movies, there is singing, and even music and words aside it’s pretty cringeworthy – what a collection of industrial cardboard voices! They all sound like they’re just not trying very hard.

On the other hand, the movie does this weird thing where it neither takes an interestingly creative flight of fancy narrative-wise nor convincingly retells the original story (whatever that would be); the result is that all it does is highlight the poor fit between what we think happened and the normal narrative conventions of Disney movies. Sort of interesting in that way, I guess.