Music for No Longer Being In the Atlanta Airport

I caught a bit of a Sarah Connolly bug at Carnegie Hall on Sunday:

And I had a lot of time to consider my options, purchases-wise, because I was stuck overnight in Atlanta. In the airport. Apparently I don’t rate a hotel voucher. Though I have to say, I slept well – the seats there don’t have arm-rests, and a Delta employee went rogue and handed out blankets. I also got a free toiletry kit. But it was a dude toiletry kit – razors and shaving cream are of no use to me in an overnight-stranded sort of situation, and I would have appreciated some face-cleaner. (Anyone want a size X-Large men’s t-shirt that says “Delta Sky Team”? Because I have one.) However. It’s over now.

And I got to play a fun game of Spot the Debris on the way home! (There is a lot of road debris around here for some reason. Most of it of the formerly alive variety.) I was driving southeast, and on the opposite side of the freeway, I saw a large cardboard box blocking one lane. Like a big shipping container type cardboard box. It shuddered in the wind when the semis went by. I was thinking about stopping and calling whatever the non-emergency version of 911 is, because it seemed kind of dangerous, but then I saw a state patrol car zip by going the other way, and my sense was that whether he or she knew about it in advance or not, that cop was going to find that box. So I went back to listening to Vivaldi’s Bajazet with a clear conscience.

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