The end is near:


I am going to need a very large cup of coffee and some Schumann to regain my composure.

2 thoughts on “The end is near:

  1. Saw this post on Feedly & your blog name wasn’t showing, so for a second thought this was something to do with Rebecca Schuman. Was wondering what the hell she could have to do with composure lol (have zero firsthand experience of US academe & know only what I hear from job-searching friends, but what she writes does sounds damning).

    It was quite mild when you were in Wien I think? We had snow a few weeks back & it makes what you’ve got there look very nichts.


    1. The job market in the US is awful – I count myself extremely lucky to have a tenure track job. A friend of mine who is a great deal smarter than I am has just recently decided to leave the field after 6 years of adjunct ing and VAPs.

      It was pretty mild when I was in Wien – about 0C and foggy. Around here (Deep South) even an inch of snow is pretty unusual.


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