You know Vivica Genaux’s ‘Tribute to Faustina Bordoni’ album? You can buy it in the UK version of iTunes for £8 (or rather, maybe you can, but I sure can’t) but not from the US iTunes store, or Google music, or etc. I could buy the CD used for $30 (eBay) or $50 (Amazon) but why can’t it just be available as a normal download like everything else? This is both bizarre and annoying.

4 thoughts on “Argh.

  1. The “Muziekweb”in Rotterdam has a tremendous collection and it’s available through my local library. The album is available, so would you like me to rent it for you?If you’ll let me know how you wish to receive it I’m sure we could find a way without Itunes.


    1. I just looked at her schedule – she’s performing in Chicago on Tuesday and for a moment I thought hmm…..this could be done, since I don’t teach on Tuesdays. And then my rational brain took over again and I decided to hold off.

      That tour with Kermes isn’t going through New York by any chance is it?


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