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One writer on writing about rock music while female. Obviously most opera blogs like this one speak to a far smaller (and very different) audience than a rock critic addresses – but I have never experienced a sense that I didn’t “belong” in classical music fandom because I’m a woman. I don’t know how representative my own experience might be, though.

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  1. I suppose a field where diva worship is a significant feature of the geography isn’t likely to produce misogyny of the real knuckle-dragging kind. At least not on a routine basis. Adolescent hetero boys with low self esteem and a desperate need to prove it tend to gravitate elsewhere.


    1. This is true – “no girls allowed!” is probably going to work much better in some musical genres than others. The only real boys club in classical music that I can think of is conducting, and that was probably way worse 20 years ago than it is now.


          1. It’s a different order of more of the same, granted, but did the Phil and/or its ostensible legion of psychologically zit-laden fanboys routinely state that women auditioning just wanted to get f*cked by the band? (Not a rhetorical question, as I may have quit reading articles about their bizarre gender fixations by the time their issues would have been raised in quite those terms — i.e. pretty quickly.)


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