Weekend 3-23-14

Inspired by a delightful conversation about mezzos and hot cars, I am going another round with La Clemenza di Tito – the Gardiner recording from 1991 that I have been meaning to listen to for years.

I have also had to attend to a bit of a media storage issue:

No more room!


It was necessary to designate an alternate Verdi through Z (actually Verdi through Wolf, but it includes Z conceptually) overflow area on the top of the DVD shelf.


And having accomplished this, I took a nap and dreamed that the spouse and I were watching a documentary about a scientist. There was a musical interlude while the scientist was driving (he was in the car) and I recognized the voice immediately – but she was singing in French, which made me think in the dream that it must be part of that Carmen bootleg I have and I was all excited go to and see via comparison if I was correct, but then the spouse was like, no, those are songs by [dream gibberish – Darnton, Danton, Radant, something like that] and I was all excited because it seemed there must be another bootleg out there that I didn’t have – but naturally I woke up then and concluded that I listen to entirely too much opera.

2 thoughts on “Weekend 3-23-14

  1. All those neat shelves of opera and Michael Ende on the coffee table, that looks like around here except for the neat part.


    1. The lack of neat elsewhere in the house more than compensates for the obssessively alphabetized opera collection.

      (I’m enjoying reading Momo – I’ve read it in English before, which helps, and sometimes I am surprized by the bizarre vocabulary items that I already know, e.g. words from Maria Stuarda or Wagner librettos or whatnot.)


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