El Tito Completo

In the course of a discussion with a fellow scholar about whether it would be a good idea or not to try to listen to all extant recordings of La Clemenza di Tito (conclusion: maybe) one of us observed that the title of this opera sounds a little bland translated into English: The Mercy of Titus. Or The Clemency of Titus. (I don’t think anyone would switch it around and render the possessive the other way because the combination of a word ending in s and an apostrophe would just make everyone nervous.)

And then we considered whether there were any foreign-language operas whose titles sound better or at least more snappy when rendered in English.

We arrived at The Permission of Titian and decided to stop there.

3 thoughts on “El Tito Completo

  1. Of course you should listen to all the recordings of Titus’ Clemency 😉 Most of them are fun in at least some way. I don’t think I completely hated any so far, although certain Sestos drive me bonkers and a number of Publios are outright laughable.


    1. I think it’s hard to be a convincing Publio, especially if it’s audio only.

      Perhaps total Tito awareness can be my next project, after I listen to all extant recordings of Don Carlos.


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