Disappointed. AGAIN.


2 thoughts on “Disappointed. AGAIN.

  1. That reminds me, the other day I was listening to VK singing Non piu di fiori on my iPhone when I went into the yogurt store that always plays techno music. The final round of “stretta fra barbare” actually sounds pretty cool with a heavy techno beat behind it!

    (Actually we have three frozen yogurt stores close by — two within easy walking distance of each other and another about a mile away — and all three always have techno music playing. I wonder what that’s about?)


    1. Opera techno remixes! New project!

      Re: techno – maybe they’re trying to attract cool young persons. Though given what music my university gym plays (I believe the music is chosen by young persons) apparently all the cool 20 year olds listen to auto-tuned pop music and sometimes Snoop Dog. I think I’d prefer the techno.

      Or maybe market research has shown that techno makes people add more toppings to yogurt?


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