Attempting to buy tickets for the Lincoln Center Festival this summer . . .

But experiencing a peculiar setback when attempting to enter billing address:

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 3.34.12 PMDoes anyone see anything unusual about this list of states that begin with M?

Like perhaps that one of them is missing?

5 thoughts on “Attempting to buy tickets for the Lincoln Center Festival this summer . . .

  1. Maybe their web designers never learned the chant that teaches little kids how to spell it, and they were unwilling to hazard a guess, and they figured nobody would notice because, pffff, who from that state would ever…


    1. Very likely – or maybe their software was buggy and allowed for only 50 items to be input into the menu, and they figured that DC was more important, so one of the states had to go.

      When I called them to buy tickets over the phone, I don’t think the person I spoke to quite believed me about MS not being on the drop-down menu. (Possibly I was mistaken for an ignorant southerner who does not understand drop-down menus.) But I do have my kabuki tickets now, so all’s well that ends well, I guess.


    1. Wow! Have you been able to find another way to get the tickets? (Or maybe since it’s international, there’s some weird thing with US credit cards?)


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