Saturday operatic clothes shopping: Donizetti edition

If I want Tonio’s sweater-vest, does that make me a bad person?


Obviously I would not wear it with those trousers, though.

3 thoughts on “Saturday operatic clothes shopping: Donizetti edition

  1. How rare is that you see opera costumes (or parts of) that you’d actually want to wear?! Fair isle is always in style in my view. I just wish I found it easier to knit. Whoever knitted JDF’s/your vest has excellent tension.


    1. I bet the ROH can requisition the top-flight knitters in Britain. Probably even at short notice.

      There’s also the sweater vest that Papageno (Keenlyside) wears in that DVD of Magic Flute (the one from I think the ROH, with DR as Pamina). It was green, and it had a duck on it. I wanted that one too.

      I’ve never tried knitting anything but square or oblong things like scarves and potholders and only in very simple stitches where I don’t really have to count anything – Fair isle seems kind of terrifying.


      1. I love that vest, too – the ducks along the bottom are very cute. I’ve tried fair isle a few times now but I end up with a sort of embossed effect on the front. I can’t seem to keep the tension relaxed across the back when I’m carrying over the different strands. So I am a great admirer of good fair isle. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Agatha Christie movies (the ones with David Suchet) and some of that pleasure comes from admiring the knitting, particularly the fair isle. Call me New Nana.


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