Well, crap.

I think my speakers are officially decrepit. They were doing unusual things during Theodora last weekend, and I thought it might be the DVD sound, but now I discover they cannot even handle the chorus in the opening scene of Donizetti’s La Fille du Regiment. This is sad. I have had them since spring of 2006. I guess eight years is a long time. (Actually, I have no idea how long speakers are supposed to last.) But I guess I had better count up the money in the swear jar and see if it’s enough.*

Update: I believe I have solved the problem! Apparently turning the volume all the way up on the laptop and having the volume of the stereo at medium causes distortion, but turning the volume on the laptop down to medium and the stereo volume up higher (so as to get the equivalent overall volume level) does NOT cause distortion. Who would have thought?


*I do not actually have a swear jar. I need all those quarters to buy Jack and Cheetos.


2 thoughts on “Well, crap.

  1. Good old fashioned speakers last pretty much for ever. My front L/R home theatre speakers were bought in 1976 with some of the money I earned from my summer job between my 1st and 2nd years of undergrad.


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