Weekend 5-3-14

I have been having myself a good old time reripping CDs this weekend – I discovered a lot of things that I bought between about 2002 and 2005 are at only 192kbps. This ate away at my soul. So I have been fixing it. I am going to be away from home all summer, so if my house gets destroyed in a tornado or catches on fire or something, I want to have high quality copies of all my music. (All the other important stuff will be either with me – e.g. passport, ID cards – or resting in safe, climate controlled storage in my office. In addition to books and DVDs, I am going to store all my winter work clothes in boxes in my office. No one will go in there. If they do – if, say, a grad student needs to borrow a book or something – they will not touch anything they are not supposed to. And it’s an interior room in a brick building, so it’s pretty tornado proof. I intend to label all the boxes “research materials.” This job doesn’t pay much, but the perks are AWESOME.)

Now, I just have to eat all the food in my house before next Friday and figure out what to do with my CSA. Because the winter here was so cold, our local farmer’s farm didn’t start producing vegetables until much later than she would have liked, so the whole thing got shifted forward by about a month, with several deliveries scheduled for after I intend to leave.

And opera. I’m thinking Thomas Ambroise’s Hamlet. Just for the hell of it. And also because it’s either that or nothing – there aren’t any more library DVDs that I haven’t seen!



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