I think I have been a little on edge – I got an entirely innocuous email from the Chicago Symphony about a Strauss concert next week and had a moment of panic before I actually, you know, read the whole email and discovered that the only thing that was being changed was the conductor. The advantage to assuming the worst is that things often turn out better than you expect, but it can be exhausting sometimes.

I am thinking that the best way to celebrate the end of spring term is an obscure Handel opera, perhaps Floridante. At the same time, I have been feeling the need for a baroque opera recital album for driving and office tasks that I haven’t listened to death already – any performer/s/ensemble, really, provided it’s interesting. (I have listened to Drama Queens and Furorein the car so many times that whenever I hear Joyce DiDonato singing Handel I assume I must be driving to Memphis.)

6 thoughts on “Summer!

  1. Enjoy the Strauss concert (and good luck with the end of term things!) My knowledge of baroque recital discs is virtually nil, alas, but the Lemieux/Gauvin Handel album, “Streams of Pleasure,” is one I’m fond of.


    1. I like that “streams of pleasure” album too – it always makes me think that I need to listen to more Handel oratorios, which do not loom as large as the operas in my music collection.


  2. There is this Handel Duets disck by Rosemary Joshua, Sarah Conolly and Harry Bicket/English Concert that I have found very enjoyable…


  3. Sandrine Piau’s Le Triomphe de L’amour album is really good, too; and there has been a surprising (to me) number of countertenor recital albums released in the past 6 months. Maybe it’s time for the Philippe Jaroussky Carestini album (with those arias from Hasse’s La Clemenza di Tito)?


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