In which we expand the conceptual boundaries of “a performance”

I was complaining that I had nothing new to listen to the other day. My other half suggested that I watch my DiDonato Maria Stuarda DVD again. After all, I do sometimes go and see two different performances of the same concert or opera if it’s possible and I have a good reason to do so.

Me: It’s a DVD. It’s not a concert. There aren’t any fluctuations.

J: But there are like different cars going by outside, right? And there even could be a car alarm. Or those people down the hall with the two children could try to get their big stroller into the elevator again!* That could totally reshape the whole concept if they do that during the confrontation scene!

Me: Go away.


*Those people should know by now that that stroller doesn’t fit in the elevator.

5 thoughts on “In which we expand the conceptual boundaries of “a performance”

  1. not to throw fuel on the fire, but….you DO listen to recordings more than once, don’t you? and don’t you reread favorite books? (OK, maybe not. Some people don’t…) I listenedd to that Trio Trieste Schubert recording again today. Just sayin’…


    1. I do listen to things over and over. And over 🙂 And re-read favorite books. There are different modes of repeated listening, though, right? One of recordings to absorb details via repetition, and the other of live performances to hear little significant differences that can be illuminating. J was making fun of me by suggesting that if I got really tired of doing the first sort, I could pretend the first was a variety of the second, what with all the differences in ambient noise.

      I have been enjoying all that Schubert, BTW!


      1. It’s introducing a John Cage element to the experience. Or you could do the Ivesian thing and run two or three different things at the same time.


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