For once, YouTube gets the ads sort of right . . .

I was listening to Sandrine Piau sing “se pietà” rather than thinking about either the book project or the three syllabi I am supposed to be working on this summer, and I noticed two things.

1. Whoever input the album info that I received with the download of my copy of the album rendered the title of the aria as “se pita.” HANDEL THEMED SANDWICH SHOP, PEOPLE. THIS IS MARKETING GOLD.

2. The YouTube ad that I got preceding this video of the same track is for the Kia Cadenza. The tagline is “hard to ignore” or “difficult to forget” or something along those lines. (I mean, it’s not the Sesto but at least it’s vaguely musical. Then again, would you really buy a car that is named after something that is often improvised?)

3 thoughts on “For once, YouTube gets the ads sort of right . . .

  1. I get an ad for AAA, so that doesn’t bode well. It would mean a three hour intermission in the middle of the aria while we wait for a jump start.


      1. That would be nice. Until such time, though, every opera house should have WD-40, jumper cables, and several cans of Fix-a-Flat in the trunk.


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