Deep Thoughts About French Songs

I am aware that this blog has a tendency to devolve into fits of Röschmann worship at fairly predictable intervals. Here is another instance of it: Frau R singing some French material she doesn’t often perform, via BBC3, followed by more familiar Strauss, Liszt and Wolf, and a Schubert encore. I wish she sang Fauré more often – I like Strauss and Wolf and all that, but I enjoy hearing her sing things I’m less familiar with.

Also, did you know that Fauré once played his song “Le secret” to Henri Duparc, and Duparc was so impressed with it that he shouted “You savage!” and punched Fauré in the face? I am not making this up; it’s in the BBC intro to the first set.

6 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts About French Songs

    1. It was really an embarrassment of riches yesterday – I was listening to this, and based on what everyone was talking about on twitter apparently I missed a live broadcast of a Rosenkavalier with Tara Erraught as Octavian. (I need some sort of elaborate reminder system, and perhaps several different recording apparatuses . . .)


      1. Ain’t never rains but it pours. The Glyndebourne Rosenkavalier is archived through Friday-ish (ET) at theTelegraph. After all the ruckus, I was surprised to see Rupert Christiansen live-tweeting. He managed not to say anything particularly lame this time, but he didn’t say anything useful either.


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