Some reports of technical problems with comments and other buttons on this blog. I think it may be an issue with the WordPress theme – still working on it. If you have encountered this problem, let me know, either with a comment (if it works!) or via twitter, @earwormopera.

12 thoughts on “Query

    1. You use the Twenty-Eleven theme, right? I did some elementary googling and it seems that other people using this theme are having the same problem with the reader. Possibly I should switch themes and see if it helps.


        1. I find I have trouble leaving comments on WordPress sites lately (either that or the blog authors are deleting them..hmmmmmm…)


          1. I think the wordpress.com people often make changes to themes or the basic site itself without telling anyone (they introduced this ‘infinite scroll’ thing last year, and for a while there was no way to turn it off!) and they may have been monkeying around again. With luck it will resolve itself soon.


  1. You might not care about this anymore, but I ran into another angle of this WordPress malfunction: The main Reader continues to neglect your buttons, however if I use a tag search (within the Reader) and encounter one of your posts, the buttons are perfectly visible.


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