Weekend 8-24-14

This past week has been kind of a bust, culminating this past evening in mildly burned curry, spilled beer, an Andrew Manze CD with a scratch on it, and my landline not working. And there is a massive spider (about 3″ with legs) lurking on my porch. It’s the sort that hides under things.

On the other hand, my landlord sold the subdivided house I live in to someone who is now living next door, and who mowed the entire lawn today, including my half, and didn’t mention anything about extra money when I mentioned getting a dog. (I think the bar for domestic animals around here is fairly low – he said as long as it’s not vicious, it’s fine. I am going to try to find a healthy mutt sort of puppy that I can train to be 1. housebroken 2. tolerant of opera 3. not vicious. I am also going to find a healthy responsible sort of graduate student who can dog-sit every so often in return for prompt and generous remuneration.)

And also, I got this optical cable for use in playing DVDs on my computer. My stereo plays DVDs and can be hooked to a TV, but I don’t have one of those, which means that when I watch a DVD, it’s on my laptop with the audio plugged into the stereo. My stereo also has an optical line-in, and my Macbook an optical line-out, which I am told provides better audio quality. So, I have been re-watching some DVDs with the audio going out via optical rather then 3.5mm cable. It’s probably an illusion, but part of me thinks it does sound better. (But perhaps this is just my brain attempting to compensate for the knowledge that I just spent $20 on a cable.)