Deep Thoughts About Fish

I was watching the Martin Kušej production of The Flying Dutchman again this past weekend. At the very beginning, as the storm batters Daland’s ship, there is vlcsnap-00001a shot of the empty stage. Or rather not empty. There’s a fish there, flopping. I got distracted by this for some reason and spent at least three or for seconds wondering whether I was being beaten over the head with something in a metaphorical way (there is a FISH that is OUT of the WATER. FISH. OUT OF WATER) or whether it was not also sort of funny, because it flops, and it made me wonder if the people who made the props had hacked one of those singing fish things that people put on their walls so that it would move about a little bit but not make any noise.



Yes, I do have better things to do. I just choose not to.