WTF iTunes

On the International Scale of Annoyance, on which 0 is “I have just had a nice drink and am floating in a warm bath listening to Mozart” and 100 is “I have Ebola” this is probably more of a 4 than a 97, but I discovered today while driving to work that several files of my recording of Igor Kipnis playing BWV 825, 826, and 828 were skipping. It sounded as though bits of the file were missing; in addition to this, my iPod and (after pursuing the matter further) iTunes did not play the last two seconds of several of the files. This is a recording that I re-ripped a few months ago for higher audio quality. I’ve had it for years, since graduate school – it’s one of my favorites.

At first I was terrified that all my old CDs had started to disintegrate, but the CD played fine in both my stereo and on my computer, which indicated that neither the disc itself nor my laptop’s optical drive were the problem. Re-ripping the CD in iTunes with error correction on fixed some of the files, but not all. I ended up re-ripping it again with XLD and this solved the problem as far as I have been able to determine. Which means that iTunes is probably the culprit.

On the other hand, in the process of getting to the bottom of this mystery I have listened to the recording at least twice now with quite close attention due to listening for skips and jumps, and I can certainly say that I still like it.

Also, I hear that Joyce DiDonato’s new recording is pretty good. Perhaps some day the US mail will deliver my copy of it.


8 thoughts on “WTF iTunes

  1. My sympathies. I discovered last night that Disc 1 of my Zurich Rosenkavalier is warped. All the other DVDs in its vicinity seem fine, including Disc 2… Initial ISA = 50. Upon seeing what sellers are offering it for on Amazon ISA went to 70. I want to beat the cheeky one who’s selling it for £78 AND £107 with a blunt object.


  2. You know they say AV Club in high school is a dead end gig but it actually led to watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in his studio.


      1. The latter. The former would be a non sequitur such that you might reasonably assume I was a) insane or b) practicing elementary spam-writing. Though I suppose it is possible that Khan has this whole HIP keyboard thing going on we have yet to discover.


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