Saturday Puppy Post

2014-09-06 18.02.04This is my dog, Finn, who has taken a liking to the couch, especially when there are humans on it. He’s tired at the moment because we had a little adventure this morning – he tried to poop on an anthill, and the ants gave him what for. Much yipping ensued.

Meanwhile, I have been watching Schubert’s Fierrabras – it’s too bad Finn already has a name (his brother, who was adopted by someone else before we got to the shelter, was named Huck), because it strikes me that Fierrabras would be a very good name for a dog.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Puppy Post

  1. Well, I think that Finn is a great name for a dog! On the other hand Fierrabras get’s curiously little stage time in an opera named after himself…


  2. Finn is an excellent name. If you went with Fierrabras, you would be spelling it out repeatedly every time you made a phone call to the vet, and they would never get it right.
    Congratulations on the new pup!


    1. Fierrabras wouldn’t fit very well on the puppy tag either: much more than five letters wouldn’t be legible. (And yeah – it would never be spelled right, ever. I would just be that weirdo with the dog with the weird name.) Finn is definitely better.


  3. Finn looks very relaxed and comfortable. Quite unlike poor Michael Schade whose face was a fiery glow beneath his Fierrabras complexion. Salzburg in Summer, hot stage lighting and a long sleeved costume complete with breast plate, turban and cape – poor guy. I bet he was actually quite glad that Fierrabras doesn’t get a whole lot of stage time 🙂


      1. This is an interesting question. Research (mine, using Google) shows that a fur mascot costume (eg a kangaroo) weighs about 7kg and a vinyl mascot costume (eg a chicken) about 2kg. I’m not sure about the average weight of an opera costume but if we take the starting point of 7kg for a kangaroo costume (and why not?), then it seems reasonable to estimate 4.7kg for an opera costume for a Moorish prince made with plastic armour (estimated weight would, of course, be inclusive of turban, cape and boots). We should probably also factor in 0.5kg to allow for the weight of all that Fierrabras bronzer/foundation.


        1. [after embarrassing necessity of converting 4.7kg to 10.36lbs, perhaps 11.46 with makeup] That is heavy enough that I am not surprised singers at Salzburg are often sweaty. Not burdensome, but significant.


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