Opera with Dog

I have been doing my best this evening to watch a Handel DVD, but success is limited. My dog is only four months old, and as a result everything goes into his mouth. Also, we have not had very many accidents, but I still have to watch him to see whether he has that “about to pee” look. It’s added an interesting sonic element to Handel, in that some of the best bits are interrupted by me saying “oy!” gently but firmly (“oy!” is Finn’s “no” word – I want him to associate his name with being praised, so we’ve settled on “oy!” for “no!/drop that!/do not even think about taking a puppy dump on that floor!”. I am proud to say that he knows what “oy!” means. Also, we are making excellent progress on “sit”.) And then I had to put Joyce on pause for like twenty minutes while Finn and I played ball. It’s not exactly “fetch” yet, but he’s cottoned on to the fact that when I catch his eye and say “ball!” the little object my hand is going to go bouncing down the hallway so that he can chase it, and the experience is not repeated unless he brings it back.

He will be asleep soon, as per picture below, and perhaps then I can get on to the DVD.

2014-09-13 18.01.05

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