Opera with My Dog Part II: Sondra Radvanovsky

I keep having these moments where I am superlatively late to a really good party. In this case, the Sondra Radvanovsky party. I used to feel bad about coming late to things in this way, but the thing is, with opera, you get there when you get there.

So I got here. I was listening to her Verdi CD this morning, and thinking how much I liked it, and that I had liked it before but – well, you know how it is with these things, often it takes a few listens, or a few years, before something really hits you.

Later that day, while I was playing fetch with Finn, I had this video of “casta diva” from Norma on repeat (Bellini with bouncing toy continuo plus interjections of “good dog, Finn!” and happy puppy pants: not to be missed) and then when he settled down and we had gone outside so he could pee, I heard the video still playing inside, and I developed a sonic appreciation for what opera in my house sounds like from the outside (short version: louder than I thought) and when we went in I located and watched this video below at least three times:

I am not normally a huge Puccini fan, but – well. In this case, I admit defeat. I am still listening to it.

4 thoughts on “Opera with My Dog Part II: Sondra Radvanovsky

  1. I like Sondra a lot. She was a fabulous Aida and I was most impressed with her Elisabetta in Roberto Devereux. I’ve also seen her in recital singing everything from Rachmaninov to Ives. I really hope we get to see her in Norma here soon.


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