Sunday Handel

8164-8OvCIL._SL1500_This recording of Handel’s Rinaldo was reissued recently. I had a bootleg of it that I had been enjoying for some time, but it’s nice to have the discs too, especially at the relatively cheap price (no booklet, though). I occasionally found Vivica Genaux’s (Rinaldo’s) vibrato wider than I liked – I liked her singing on that recording of Vivaldi’s Bajazet, for example, more than I did here. But “liked better” is relative – this is a very minor issue.

Some little things that I either had forgotten or did not know. Eustazio’s aria “Col valor, colla virtù” towards the end of Act I sounds a great deal like Handel’s “tra le fiamme” cantata (HWV 170) and I had forgotten how nice the harp part is during Almirena’s “laschia ch’io pianga.” Ditto the extended harpsichord breakdown during the end of Almira’s “vo far guerra” at the end of Act II. (Do you think baroque teenagers did air harpsichord? I was tempted to. Then again, air guitar often depend on no one else being able to see you looking like a doofus playing air guitar, which requires recorded music – so perhaps not.)