Good advice from a farmer


(I really did do a double take for a moment when I read this. I didn’t know that there was a kitchen implement called a mandolin.)

10 thoughts on “Good advice from a farmer

  1. A. Well, with 8 strings, a mandolin probably would make a good veggie slicer/shredder.
    B. I wonder how many cabbage are in a heard (or herd)?
    C. If I could pick up a mandolin for 8 bucks, I’d probably start playing again.


  2. Vegetable mandolin (n): a device for simultaneously slicing vegetables and fingers. If you do buy one of these, I recommend picking up a giant box of sticking plasters at the same time. This is the Voice of Experience speaking.


    1. The farmer’s husband (a colleague of mine) explained the operation of the mandolin to me this morning – I think I’ll stick to my knives and food processor.


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