Agrippina Addendum

From a production that seems to have a bit more bite than the one I watched:

3 thoughts on “Agrippina Addendum

  1. i love love this one. there’s a whole playlist. very much like antonacci’s agrippina, she’s got such a great way to act, and i really like her voice (though she’s not singing here, this music, actually it made its way into his other opera il trionfo del tempo e del disinganno too.) his singing is just fitting with the wig, love the whole thing!


    1. oh, now i see your previous post, that was my first taste of agripina too, but i was not impressed somehow, it was almost a bit too “light” and “smooth” is my wording, not edgy like this one here! (actually there’s recently a re-staging of this–last year–with sarah connolly, and even then, i still like Antonacci’s version more, soo edgy). of course we’re not gonna talk about zurich.. but another agrippina i’d love to see is with Ann Hallenberg in that Dallas staging, the music is *great*, superb singing, and judging by the photos, too bad there was no broadcast!
      this is a great opera to introduce to newbies actually. 3 yrs ago there was a production here and i grabbed along 2 people and both were very entertained (and i super like to storyline in the process..)


      1. I may end up spending a few hours on YT this weekend looking for more pieces of this opera – I think maybe my first exposure to it got me and it off on the wrong foot. (I’d love to see Hallenberg too – definitely a shame there was no broadcast)


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