Sunday Symphonic Interlude

IMG_0541.JPG I have been on this thing lately where I have been re-ripping old recordings that I have on my computer at only 192 kbps (things I bought between about 2002 and 2005) and as I’ve been doing this I have been listening to the recordings, including this one of Schubert’s eighth and ninth symphonies.

I had forgotten how much I love Schubert’s ninth. I haven’t listened to it literally in years – there are parts of it that I waited for with anticipation (repeated horn solo bit in the first movement), and other aspects that I had forgotten about until I heard them again (large chunks of movements 3 and 4). Many of his songs have been in heavy rotation on my iPod and phone lately, and it’s amazing the contrast in scale between the two types of composition. It’s like hearing someone you are used to conversing with in one language suddenly speak to you in another, but without an accent.