Big Clock

This is a 15th-century clock in the town square – it shows the time in three slightly different ways. I am told that on the hour, there’s a parade of little clockwork figures (apostles, etc. and medieval bogeymen like Death, Vanity, Turks and Jews). We kept missing the clock striking the hour, though, what with being distracted by trying various fried dough food items and inspecting the Jan Hus monument, which at the moment is surrounded by the backsides of a circle of food carts. There’s also a meridian marker across the pavement of the square, indicating how old Bohemian time was calculated (I think so, anyway. It has a label set into the ground next to it in which its purpose is explained in both Czech and Latin. The Latin I could cipher out with some effort.)


Also, phrase of the week, rendered here in English rather than Czech: “I don’t want to die like Tycho Brahe,” meaning “I have to pee” – Brahe died as a result of being too polite at a party. He didn’t want to get up before the host, and as a result suffered a burst bladder which got infected. He died five days later.