In Which We Have A Plan

Just like the Cylons of celebrated memory. My plan, however, is both more and less complex and far-reaching than theirs. I have two tickets for concerts on Sunday, April 12. One is to hear Les Violons du Roy and some other people perform Dido and Aeneas at 2:00 at Carnegie Hall. The other ticket is for Sarah Connolly’s recital at Alice Tully Hall which starts at 5:00.

The plan is as follows: Go to hear the Purcell. Then RUN to Lincoln Center and possibly miss the first part of Connolly’s recital. But maybe make it. At least, make the second half. Or, if there are any cancellations or whatnot vis-a-vis the first concert, proceed at normal speed to Lincoln center and hear the whole of the recital.

I run about an 8:35 mile, but that’s on a trail, not in Manhattan, and I will probably be wearing non-optimal shoes. We shall see how well this works.

8 thoughts on “In Which We Have A Plan

      1. Ah, but the first half of the program is selections from The Fairy Queen and King Arthur, presumably followed by an intermission of 20-30 minutes before they start Dido and Aeneas. If I remember, I’ll try to pay attention to the timing in Montreal and give you an advance tip, although the timing could be different for Carnegie Hall. (Also, sporty footwear might make it easier for internet friends to ID you in the Alice Tully lobby, if you’re not averse to saying hello . . .)


        1. Not averse at all! I may not sport the running shoes, but slightly grimy converse and a bright blue bag will probably help me stand out from the crowd a little.


  1. I see no downsides to this plan – except for the running part, maybe😉. Only a few days to go till the concerts!!


    1. I don’t mind running (tho running through crowded city streets is not optimal in terms of fun). I’m just hoping at this point that nothing weird happens with the travel – it’s tornado season around these parts


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