Horszowski Trio / Bargemusic – 6-21-15

I caught a performance of three piano trios yesterday afternoon, Beethoven’s Op. 1 no. 2, Shostakovich’s No. 2 in E minor, and Schumann’s No. 2 in F major.

The highlight of the program (for me, anyway) was the Shostakovich. After the energetic playing of the Aeolus Quartet last week, this trio sounded more restrained; I was worried at the start of the Shostakovich that it was going to be more genteel a performance than I like. (The last one I heard live was the Claremont Trio either May 2014 or the previous May – it is sad that I cannot remember when that was – and it was pretty great; not genteel in the slightest.) This apprehension of mine continued into the second movement, but by the end of that, it was sounding a little more wild and crazy and Shostakovich-like. The best part, though, was the final movement. The pianist used the (what is it called – sustaining pedal? the one that holds the note) early in the movement, and the tempo was slower than I am used to, so that the notes of the piano part rang and lingered in one’s head; it was very distinctive. Very soon I was in total immersion mode. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed the finale of that piece quite as much – that feeling of being physically pressed by the music, such that you don’t want it to end. I never realized how much was in that last movement before.

This led to a sort of Shostakovich finale holdover effect for the Schumann trio, the last item on the program. I was feeling very relaxed and happy and cheerful, and my attention hadn’t waned a bit – I have pretty much no memory of the Schumann, but I do recall enjoying it as it was happening.  (I remember reading Edith Wharton saying once that whenever she had a really good conversation, she could never remember any of it afterward – I suspect it was a similar kind of thing.)

And I have taken a gamble. I know that I will have jury duty sometime in the latter end of August. Nevertheless, I have tickets for two concerts during that time. I am betting that 1) I will not get picked to be on a jury or 2) operations will end soon enough each day that I can get from the Queens courthouse to Alice Tully in time.

2 thoughts on “Horszowski Trio / Bargemusic – 6-21-15

  1. Do they do jury stuff down there like they do up here, where you call in the night before to see if you’re supposed to report the next day? Saves everybody loads of time otherwise spent in some courthouse room watching Judge Judy and reading Statutes of Bergen County, vol. XXVI (gripping!). Also keeps them from having to fork over forty bucks a day per person (or whatever the going rate is these days).


    1. They do – so it might not be a big deal after all. I’ve gotten summoned before (in WA and MS) but I’ve never been picked to be on the actual jury. Fingers crossed that this time will be the same, and if I go in for a day, the $40 or whatever it iss will go toward something useful, like piano trios.


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