Get It While You Can: Baroque song recital

By Anna Prohaska with the ensemble Arcangelo, from Salzburg last month. For those who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you will like. (With thanks to Kristin for pointing me to it!)

8 thoughts on “Get It While You Can: Baroque song recital

    1. Ha! Tarquinio Merula! I’ve been thinking about that piece ever since hearing it done (amazingly) by a student in Ellen Hargis’s master class at BEMF. Awesome piece, and at the time did I write down the composer’s name or the title? Sure…probably…somewhere…

      Even more thanks for saving me an archaeological dig 🙂


      1. oh, could you? thanks! am still in process of installing… dropbox is 1 of them.. almost done fighting with yosemite, apparently you can’t do even simple things like “save-as“!! (and the 4.5 hr wrestling to split the hard-drive 🙂 )


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