For once I don’t mind that a concert is canceled

The Claremont Trio were supposed to perform here last night, but they couldn’t make it due to weather further north. I don’t mind, one because the concert has been rescheduled for May, and the likelihood of snowstorms then is vanishingly small (I hate to make any grand assumptions at all about weather, lately) smaller than in February, at least. And two because I have one of those colds that give you a persistent dry noisy cough. So I didn’t spend the evening alternately suffocating from holding in coughs and getting fixed with death glares from the rest of the audience. Death glares that I would have wholly deserved. (Actually, I would have probably doped myself up with Robitussin and a big pocketful of Ricola – Ricolae? If it’s derived from ‘agricola’ which I think it is, a bunch of them ought to be Ricolae – and hoped for the best.)

Other things. I have learned today that iTunes does not support .ogg files. So if you are not thinking particularly hard and chop up a long .wav file of a concert into a bunch of individual tracks and you happen to leave the setting on ‘.ogg’ for some stupid reason, they won’t go into iTunes. But they will go into Google Play, which as it turns out will helpfully save them as .mp3 files, which you can then download and put into iTunes. This is a roundabout way of reiterating that ancient adage: Pay Attention to Thy Defaults.

12 thoughts on “For once I don’t mind that a concert is canceled

  1. if you ever want to fiddle around with installing ffmpeg on your mac, you can quickly convert from all sorts of audio/video format.. such as from ogg to mp3:
    ffmpeg -i file.ogg -acodec libmp3lame file.mp3 .

    the installation part is a bit of a trial and error, took me a whole day last time. looks like this guy’s instruction might be easiest though we all run into some sort of errors and start debugging away.. hence 1 full day of googling :-).


        1. Right! Yes, I have a mac – not the newest OS though. You’ll laugh, but I thought having mavericks might be some obscure northern English word for a chesty cold 🙂


  2. Heya! This comment is only relative to the word “trio” in your original post above. While looking for something completely different (the Clemenza from Munich — I did see it live, but SOMEone must have captured and posted it–or will post it soon) I came across this video of Pearlman, Zuckerman, and Harrell doing Beethoven’s Op.9, No.1, and I thought “Earworm” (I always thing Earworm about these trio, since it’s thanks to you I know anything about them!!)


    1. Aw, thanks for the video 🙂

      I’ve been waiting for that Clemenza to pop up on YouTube too. I missed it for completely stupid reasons – being asleep – and based on what people have been saying about it, I want to see it.


      1. My Dad and I both enjoyed it; though we disagreed on some of the casting. The singing was pretty darned good. The androgynous treatment of the trouser roles was a bit baffling (I mean I got that they were androgynous, but I wasn’t 100% sure why). Also, I felt badly for all the singers having to tromp up and down all those risers. I think you’d like the angle of a power-hungry Publio (very sinister with the scissors in the final ensemble) and the interaction of the singers with the male clarinetist and female bassett hornist as characters in the story–sort of confidants to Sesto and Vitellia, respectively.


            1. With lots of stairs. That must be fun.

              Vis a vis the hair thing, it all starts out like a cartoon Ponnelle-fest where the women are concerned, but by the end they (and the chorus) have all managed to ditch their wigs. And by “they” I mean Annio and Sesto as well, bc this production operates on a very clear gender divide that puts Tito and Publio on one side and everybody else on the other.


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